The “Why” of Redefine and Empower: To help others live and lead on purpose

I realized early on in my life the power of “why”. When I was told I couldn’t do something, especially if it was because I was a girl, I asked “why”. And I kept asking, until one day my Dad said to me, “Well, why not you?”. That was the day I, a Sikh American female and the first female in my family to go to college, after 40+ years of hearing “no” and “you can’t”, after many twists and turns in my path (including a good dose of obstacles that challenged me to my core), decided to run for public office. The rest was, shall we say, history.

In fact, in 2017, I was honored to become the first Sikh American woman to be elected mayor of a U.S. city, making international history. My community in Yuba City, California, went wild with celebration, as did the nation, as did countries around the world, upon this momentous occasion. And so many opportunities have presented themselves to me as a result of this one twist of fate. Yet I realized that the true power of this achievement would be in my ability to share all the pieces of me leading up to this point – including the failures, the tragedies, the decisions, the triumphs, the life lessons and, ultimately, the principles I used to find my purpose and to figure out how to live and lead with that purpose.

Hence, Redefine and Empower was born as a vehicle for sharing these core success principles, brought to life through my real examples of these principles in action. At R&E, we seek to create authentic leaders who overcome obstacles and defy limits. We do this through speaking events, workshops, consulting and coaching services focused around female empowerment and leadership development topics. We welcome conversations with companies, organizations and individuals who share our commitment to building this powerful skill set in their leaders, teams, memberships, audiences or in themselves or loved ones. My goal is that we are always inspiring and empowering individuals to achieve more by living and leading with their true purpose.

The essence of R&E is represented by the many facets symbolized within our branding and logo. The use of gold, or what I call the “halo” or the “light”, signifies the light which presented itself around my Dad during his passing…his soul. He was the heart and soul of giving me encouragement, inspiring me to be more and believing in me so that I can. He was the “why” in my life. The open box surrounding the words Redefine and Empower symbolizes “getting out of the box and our comfort zone”. Out-of-the-box thinking is when change is made and opens our hearts to greater acceptance of oneself and of others. The “and” which sits in an angled shape forming a flag when paired with the open box line symbolizes freedom, ownership, pride in who we are and our values, and serves as an inspiration to others.

I hope you will join us on this journey – to think and act bigger than ourselves – that starts by finding the light within you.



Preet Didbal
Founder, Redefine and Empower